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It would be interesting to know the history of these guns. What was the purpose the guy had a pair of 25" guns made. What was he planning to use them for?
Also interesting that Purdey did not opt for the traditional Churchill rib.

While we can't know exactly what was in his mind, the gentleman who ordered these guns got them for he and his wife to use around their cottage on Georgian Bay, which is a large part of Lake Huron. The most common quarry in that area is undoubtedly ruffed grouse. While I'm checking with a crappy Galazan choke tool, rather than a proper bore gauge, the chokes seem to be full and improved cylinder. The full not so good for ruffies but the IC is about perfect.

His gun was the number 1 gun and his wife used the number 2 gun. When she died, he sold the number 2 gun. Could not bear to have it around any more. This happened decades ago.

He was a very wealthy gentleman for whom the cost of things was not as important as being able to have and use the things he wanted to have. The person I'm dealing with is the grandson, someone I have known for 45 years. My brother dated his older sister decades ago and before that, my uncle, who would now be 101 were he still alive, nearly married his mother. The families have known each other for a while. But the guns have been out of sight for a long time. None of the later generations shoot or hunt.

No word back from Purdey.

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