Mike, I'm not the owner yet and don't know if I will be in the future. It's in my care because they didn't know who else to turn to to help them sort out about a dozen guns. And once I got them all, it's clear they have been in the hands of people who had no idea what they were doing, including the gunsmiths. There is a Greener, blued from stem to stern, that was buffed so badly, I can barely read the trigger tang serial number. I have been most relieved to find no lasting damage done to the Purdey. All that is amiss is the finish on the wood is starting to be a bit rough.

The longer the Purdey is with me, just 3 days now, the less appeal it has for me. Clearly a finely made gun but I likely would never be happy with those barrels. However, I will be shooting it a bit over the next month and perhaps that will change my feelings about it.

If and when I hear back from Purdey, I will post the response.

I appreciate all who weighed in. Thanks.

The world cries out for such: he is needed & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia