The price seems high for a 12 ga shotgun though it looks great. As you all know I keep track of Reilly's. I've seen Reilly shotguns offered for very high prices in Europe and America. But the average for a gun of that quality would seem to be between $3,00-$4,000. Reilly's are shooting guns.

Just for comparison (and this may be comparing apples and oranges here), here are some of Terry Buffum's Reilly hammer guns sold over the past three years at Amoskeog. I felt the prices they sold for were pretty moderate. I said at the time (Spring 2016) that there were going to be some happy shooters buying those guns and the prices they sold at proved me right. It was one of the things that attracted me to the brand - you could get a really nice looking, great handling gun for an affordable price.

13033,($1,955); 14285 ($1.035); 15283 ($1,610); 17391 ($):

17392 ($2,185); 18550 ($):

17496 ($1,725); 21883 ($1,380); 24354 ($):

25460 ($); 26517 ($1,265); 26537 ($2,060):

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