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No significance at all....just means she swallowed a couple if hard pills and survived.

I'd say the reproof came when she was tarted up for sale.

I believe for a gun to be sold in England it has to have a current proof.

My guess is the high asking price is including the cost of tarting.

Just speculations...

Not quite Frank. A gun can be sold in the UK without "current proof" but it must remain in proof. The bores can not exceed the maximum diameter at last proof, no matter when that proof was done. An older gun that is in proof does not need to be re-submitted for current proof standards.

I knew that...but if the bores are honed like this guns then they have to have a current proof before sale.

The fact that they were honed shows in his advertisment of choke.

.002 and .003 choke left over from barrel honing.
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