The Minister was named Daniel "Dan" Call. He was a Luthern minister. His dwelling, His Still, & the church which he served were then all located in Lincoln County TN, Moore County had not yet been formed. I am not for certain which county the property is in today, as it is very close to the county line.

The story is the members of his congregation did not think it looked good for their minister to be engaged in the distilling of whiskey so they gave him an ultimatum, give up either the still or the church. He chose to stay with the ministry & sold the still to young Jack, who had been working for him a couple of years learning the trade.

Shortly thereafter Jack moved it into Lynchburg, where it has been ever since. People have been telling them for some 150 years or so that it is Impossible to make charcoal by burning it in the open air, but they are still doing it & obtain all their charcoal that way.

I Didn't Say Everything I Said, Yogi Berra