I cannot answer your question about the movie line. It very well could have been some Legal matter involving using a copyrighted name, just don't know. I do know for a fact though That Jasper Newton always was known as Jack, never John.

Jack never married & left no descendants. For many years both before & after being sold the distillery was managed by his nephew, Lem Motlow.
Lem's Brother Tom Motlow owned Farmer's Bank of Lynchburg.

If I remember my dates correctly the distillery was sold to Brown-Foreman of Louisville KY in the mid-1950s. Lem Motlow continued as its manager until his death. The sale was a hush-hush affair & it was a number of years before folks around knew it was no longer in the Motlow family, even the employees.

Moore County is often times seen listed as the smallest county in TN, but that is not accurate. In land area we are the 2nd smallest & population varies from census to census as to population. In the last census, 2010, we were the 3rd smallest with a population of just over 4,000 & the town of Lynchburg having a few over 400.

Annually we have some 250,000+ visitors come through here from all 50 states & around 30 foreign countries. Probably the best known "Small Town" in the world. In so far as I know we are also the Smallest Metropolitan Government in the world.

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