Woodford is very high on my list of personal favorites, KB.

It's pot stilled in the style of Scotch, which is fairly unusual for Bourbon.

It's distilled to a high proof, then diluted to the mandatory barreling proof and aged in heavily charred white oak.

It tastes like cashews to me.

My all time favorite is a Jim Beam product called Baker's.

It's made with their high rye mash and aged in the hot spots of the rickhouses to pick up additional barrel flavor. It's a 107 proof super premium Bourbon well worth seeking out if you like big flavor.

A moment of silence please... apparently Beam has a rickhouse fire going as I type.... it happens, this is unfortunately a hazard of the industry. Wood buildings filled with an evaporating flammable solvent - what could go wrong.

"The price of good shotgunnery is constant practice" - Fred Kimble