I recently came to have a hammer double rifle by John Dickson of Edinburgh. Proofed as a 39 bore, so I assume pre-1887 and likely 500 BPE. Haven't cast chambers yet.

Hammers have stalking safeties and firing pins are non-rebounding. Jones underlever. Lockup is very tight. Proofs on watertable appear a little faint, so this must have been used enough to warrant a reblacking, but overall, feels very 'new'

I will try to post pictures using Google for hosting vs Photobucket. Also, in case those don't work, I've also linked to the auction.

Any advice? This is my first double rifle. I'm in no rush to do something stupid and fast to get this shooting.


The auction listing: https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/john-dickson-son-rifle-double-barrel-1920s-jmd-ccf4a28a1e

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