F/S: Parker Bros. 16 gauge ‘DHE’ on their No. 1 frame with 32” barrels choked F/F. Nicely figured factory stocks @ 1-1/2”DAC x 2-5/8”DAH x 14-1/4”LOP, with ‘0’ cast to a Silvers reproduction pad. Gun has double triggers, splinter forehand, and capped pistol grip for a total weight of 7 lb. 6 oz. The gun left the Meriden factory in October of 1929, and remains unaltered from the specs given in a PGCA research letter dated 2004.

The 32 inch (16 ga.) barrels have constrictions of .030” & .034” right to left, with a finished weight of 3 lb. 4 oz. The gun was sold to me in late 2007 with a second set of 32” ‘Vulcan’ 20 gauge barrels that had been fitted and numbered to the gun in its past. These, too, were choked F/F (.025” in each barrel) and appear original in every way. The 20 gauge set weighs 3 lb. 2 oz. for a total gun weight of 7 lb. 4 oz. You’ll see from the previous seller's photos taken just prior to my purchase in 2007 that the 20 gauge barrels were in need of (rust) re-blacking which was professionally done back in 2008 along with the 16 ga. set to assure a correct color match and finish. I also installed twin ivories on the 20 gauge set at that time to match those of the sixteen, and both sets remain @ 99+%. Nonetheless, I recognize some will consider it more of a ‘shooter’ than a collectible due to the partial restoration. Gun is mechanically sound/tight throughout with top lever right of center, and screw slots remain very good to excellent throughout.

The original case colors remain at 20%, with wood being a restored 99+% oil finish and a wood-to-metal fit that is still excellent. No actual provenance came with the gun other than reputedly having been originally ordered by a California duck club member back when these long-barreled, sub-gauge side-by-sides were in vogue (see The Parker Story, re: Widgeon Duck Gun Club Parkers, pg. 677). I wish I could confirm that for you, but I can’t…..

'The Parker Story' does reveal, however, that of the some 180,000 + hammerless guns produced, only 93 were made up as 16 gauges w/ 32” barrels in the ‘D’ grade; and that only another 28 guns of 16 ga./32” were made when figuring in all other grades.

Includes a lovely vintage, 32” two-barrel LOM case in excellent condition throughout along with the PGCA letter. Price of $9,400.00, shipped to any state in the lower 48 other than California……with a $200 reduction in price for direct pick-up here in Montana. Dave Weber to receive $50. upon sale. Serious inquiries are encouraged via a PM to me here for photos and with any further questions you might have regarding such things as MWTs’, trigger pull weights, amount of usage while in my care, etc., etc.

'Thank You' for your interest.............