30" extractor barrels markek Belgian near breech and doll's head ext- and Laminated Steel mid rib- rib has same patterns as barrels- some minor scuffing, thin walled at muzzles-.035/.040", at breech o.850" both tubes- both top and bottom ribs intact- no dents, and barrels ring- std. brass small bead front sight

Hammer double trigger marked on lockplates W. Richards Belgium-- full stock with POW grip, black gutta percha bp- splinter forearm with spring snap release ( as on Parker Trojan series)-

Pictures to come along later (if Raimey Ellenberg will kindly post them for me)- as he has in the past.

My guess is- this was an attempt to "cash in" on the reputation of the British gunmaking firm, Westley Richards-- just as I have seen cheaper "knock-offs" of hammer Parkers badged as "Parkhurst"-- if any of you gents can shed any light on this brand of European hammer guns, thank you in advance. Only sign of a serial number is on the under rib- mid way from breech to muzzle- 4311 and a letter D in a circle- breech flats markings are:left tube Large letter C-- in an oval, letters E over L and G over a 5 pointed smaller star--more to follow- RWTF

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