Danke- somehow I knew you would come through for me, as you have done in the past. Being a computer/internext "Putz", I'm a bit uncertain as to what you mean here, meine Fruend. If there is any cost factor to you for doing this on my behalf, please advise and I will make it right for you--I also have some initial details on the 12 gauge Remmie hammer gun-- 32" barrels- top rib near breech is stamped-- Remington Arms Co. Ilion, N.Y. USA. sn on under rib seems to be 35991-- one problem-- hammers and triggers function fine, ditto top lever-How-some-ever- when you unlatch the forearm and pivot open the breech, the barrels will NOT come free from the receiver- Never have seen this before-.. RWTF

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