Thanks, Paul--I'll try it- if I end up with this shotgun, it would be mainly as a "parts" gun- the hammers, fgp, springs, triggers are all there- even the older black buttplate intact--

I'll give it another try with your technique- main reason I want to remove barrels is to examine the markings on the barrel flats and water table- if any- still looking for that article
on Rem. may have been in SS magazine- a few years ago-- also, forgot to add- the 30" W. Richards barrels ring like chimes with the wooden hammer handle test- no apparent choke in either barrels- muzzles are aprox. 0.800" wall thickness, each barrel- so- close to cyl. bore?? RWTF-- Addendum- BINGO- finally got the barrels pivoted off the frame, patience, lotsa spray Rem Oil, and your technique, Paul- did the trick. Now to clean off the rust and crud contained in the frame and barrel breech areas- once I see the clear numerical markings, I'll post them-- I did a Google search, this appears to be a Remington 1878 series hammer gun- Triggers, hammers, fp's all seem to be in good working order-0 POW grip, Bakelite BP with original screws, possibly a No. 1 grade-- Foxy

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