Hello All,

I brought this over from another Forum because I'm so excited about the purchase that I wanted to share it here also.

I've been looking for a Paradox Gun for about 4 years. Several have escaped me because they were too pricey.

I took a real gamble on this Paradox Gun because the auction listing had a very skimpy description.

This picture below was the only information that was listed about the gun.



I didn't want to ask too many questions before bidding, because in the past it has resulted in the Auction House updating the listing which made it more desirable to all the auction watchers, and caused the price to shoot-up beyond my budget. So, I bit my tongue and took a gamble. The RED background photos are from the auction listing. The other photos are mine.

Well, the gamble paid off in spades. I received a absolute MINT condition Paradox Gun, Factory Cased with matching bullet mold, loading tools, and cleaning accessories. Its hard to believe this gun is 127 years old.

Here's the specs:

28" Barrels - 13-7/8" LOP - 7 lbs 6 oz - Rebounding Hammers - 2-Leaf Express Sight marked "50" & "100"
Rib is marked "The "EUROPLIA" Ball & Shot Gun" - "T. Bland & Sons 430 West Strand London"
Barrels marked "A&T" (Adams & Tate - maker) - Birmingham Proofed
Matching Bullet Mold - Casts a Conical bullet - 790g RN & 730g HP
Misc. Tools, Powder/Shot Measures, Loading Tube/Rammer/Decapper, Capper, & Wad Punch

What's really amazing is the condition. All original finish in nearly 99% condition with full case-color remaining. Bores and chambers appear to be "un-fired". The only defect I could find was a small 1/16" chip off the tip of the toe of the horn butt-plate.

My only question is: the end of the cleaning rod handle has a leather washer pinned to its end. What is this for? ... and, does anyone know who Mr. Shields might have been?

As always, your comments are most welcome.