This very rare double rifle was made in 1867 for Viscount Downe that takes the .577 Snider brass case and has 30" 3-stripe damascus barrels. Barrels have one standing and three flip up sights and are engraved with "J. Purdey, 314 1/2 Oxford Street, London" on the rib. They are stamped with London black powder proofs for 29 BORE. The action is fitted with Purdey's unusual adaption of the Jones underlever. The grip spur and entire trigger guard form a long lever giving greater mechanical advantage to the bolt. Because the triggers are exposed when the lever is open, a safety block, based on Purdey's patent grip safety locks the triggers until the lever is closed. The Purdey back action island locks have non rebounding serpentine hammers with safety bolts. Action and locks are neary fully engraved with nicely cut, fairly deep, shaded "PURDEY" on each lockplate. The rifle weighs 9 pound 2 ounces and has a 14 1/4" pull. Drop at heel 2 5/8" drop at comb 1 3/4". Engraved steel buttplate is engraved "Charge 3 dms No. 6 Powder" The stock features a double beaded right hand cheekpiece and 18 lines per inch checkering, some dings below the cheekpiece.
Barrels retain approx. 80% original damascus finish and have excellent bores, with scattered very very minor pits at beginning of right barrel. Rifle retains approx. 85% original case hardening, checkering is very slightly worn. Locks operated as new and the rifle is tight on face with solid wood. Cased in its original oak case with an original bullet mold numbered to the rifle that casts a bullet that mikes .575 and weighs 460 grains. Case includes many accessories and loading tools that include: 2 piece Ebony and brass cleaning rod with short Ebony handle numbered to the gun, assorted brushes and jags, steel oil bottle, James Dixon chamber brush, Ebony handled striker key, 2 japanned oval tins, Hawksley .577 pedestal type brass capper/decapper, matching Hawksley case .577 crimper, Ebony case reamer, Dixon 3 dram German silver powder measure, rosewood bullet seater, scissor type broken case extractor.
Factory email letter included. Less than 650 hammer double rifles were ever built by Purdey in all grades.
This 152 year old Purdey is in amazing original condition. INCLUDED are .577 Snider dies and 40 new brass cases. Email for pictures at $11,400.00

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