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Very similar to what my three shooters grouped out at. They are an amazing tribute to handmade engineering btw mine cost me $450 around 1997.
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That's a very good price you got on your paradox.

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Specifications for H&H Paradox ammunition call for 15:1 alloy.

Wouldn't you like to give this gun a go with real black powder? I think you will be quite pleased if you construct a "factory equivalent" black powder load.

My 10b H&H Paradox really sings with its intended load of 8 drams. Mine's a 10b, mind you, so don't go pouring 8 drams in a 12b! I would have to go to the books for the original H&H 12b load.

That's a very nice gun. You have done well!

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I don't think an 8 dram load would be suitable in my Paradox since it barely weighs 7-1/4 pounds. I'll keep looking for info on what Thomas Bland would have considered an appropriate load for this. Also, I don't like using black powder because there's too much of a chance of missing a trace during clean-up - and finding a rust spot in the future.

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H&H had two different 12 bore loads, the original at 1050 fps and the magnum load at 1250 fps.
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I know the H&H factory loads, but in most cases the H&H guns were heavier. I'll keep experimenting with this one using smokeless powder. But even with only 900fps, my gun seems to group well and the 790g bullet will take care of anything here in Wisconsin.