Three boys, all grown and with their own families now. Dang, that happened quick! My boys, once they reached their teens were my exclusive hunting buddies, displacing nearly all my usual hunting friends.

I started them picking up doves and following me while quail hunting. When they wanted to carry guns, I'd let them carry a .22 with the bolt in my pocket. When we graduated to .410 singles off they went.

They go through a stage when they're sixteen or so when they want to deal direct. They still want to hunt Dad's places but with their own friends. That's ok too if you are satisfied their gun safety and common sense is sufficiently developed. But then they come back to dad after they've climbed fool's hill a while.

I didn't raise any rocket scientists, but they all support their families. You could enjoy a morning in a duck blind with any of them. Now, I am attempting to corrupt two sons in law to the dismay of my daughters...Geo