Doing some surfing tonight (found three more serial numbered Reilly's)...I ran across this Reilly U-L. Take a look at the hammers.

HDF E. M. Reilly & Co. London super Erhaltungszustand mit allem Zubehr sogar Schlssel fr Lederkoffer Kal. 12/70 engl. Nitrobeschuss Damstlufe innen blank. Verschluss Dicht.

HDF E. M. Reilly & Co. London super condition with all accessories even keys for leather case cal. 12/70 engl. Nitro Proof on the barrel flats? (" innen blank")? (welcome better translation). Closure tight.

No SN.....unclear label looks to be the E.M. Reilly & Co., gun manufacturers label used from August 1860 to the opening of rue Scribe in February 1868. This is obviously an early center-fire (probably originally a pin-fire?). The earliest Reilly C-F shotgun I've found is 14115 I've dated to 1866 - about the time of the first true c-f shotgun shell introduction. The hammers look a lot like those on 12 bore's 14983, the first extant Reilly with rue Scribe on the rib.

So without more information, I'd put it into the time period late 1866 - Feb 1868.

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