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Absolutely beautiful collection Vall! Stunning. And of course, you know I love that M1881 Marlin. This sure all makes for a great day at our gunshow today. By the way, that Marlin half SRC - what caliber?

The half carbine, half rifle takedown was a .25-20 caliber. I had the chance to buy a 1893 rifle in the same configuration a year or so after I found this 1894, and passed on it because I didn't want to take money out of savings to buy it. I regretted that choice for a long time, until I sold the 1894.
I picked up this 1894 deluxe a couple years ago as an investment to resell. Someone had blued the receiver, and I planned to strip it and send the receiver out to be color cased. But when I use naval jelly to strip the bluing, I found remains of the original case color under it! So I just screwed the barrel back on it, and reassembled it. Another .25-20, with Lyman windage front sight, and Ballard vernier midrange rear!

Under the hot bluing:

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