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If it says winchester it's genuine. A csmc will be advertised as a csmc model 21. As far as the rizzini thing goes, yes they are identical actions, a copy if you will. They aren't the only ones that copy or share actions. I wouldn't spend that much on one of their O/Us, but that's probably not a bad price. They have straight or open PGs in all levels of englishesque ornamentation; more so than the B. Rizzinis and I don't care for round knob or pow grip. I would however spend 2K on an American made o/u and did so with the revelation. The more I handle it the finer I think it is. They have a very nice trigger, eject strongly, and evenly, and pattern well. mine has a fine piece of wood on both the stock and fore end. The model 21 o/u, the inverness, and revelation all share the same action, though mine is not dowelled (they've gone up to 2.4K and for that I might look at something else!). Anyway, when they sell a Winchester, it's a Winchester. The one in question sounds like a good heavy skeet gun and it's got the rib for it. It looks beautiful.
Wrong re Winchester. There are fakes out there. If it doesn’t letter, it’s not real. Also, rumor has it, there are even fake letters too. Just because it says Winchester, doesn’t mean it’s real. Give us a break....we aren’t all that dumb.

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