The "related products" scroll beneath the gun in question is eye-popping. 12 gauge, after 12 gauge, after 12 gauge...$7,000. I'm flabbergasted.

My personal opinion is that the party for doubles isn't already ended. Will there always be a market for mid-grade and up guns with condition? Or sub-gauges? Of course. But I continue to be amazed at the number of guns out there that are not unique, rare, or difficult to find...that are priced as they are.

12 gauge Parker VH's are like the stars, they made 25k of that very SAME gun...yet the market can support $2,500-$3,500 on these things?

It's the low end that is going to get utterly devastated, because the low grade guns seem the most over-valued relative to their rarity. My guess is this is driven by people who want to own a name, but can't afford to pay beyond a certain point. So they chase lower grade guns so they can say that they own one (VH Parker/Sterlingworth/Fox A).

They're good guns, that's not at issue. It' what price? I just think over-paying for a Cadillac Cimarron just to say you "bought a Cadillac" will not ultimately hold up in a world where very few gents under the age of 40 cares about these guns. I absolutely understand over-paying for a condition DHE 16 gauge because you really want one, that's a different story.

Not sure what prompted me to say all this...din't do it to start a fire, just food for thought on 'not rare' low grade doubles. Sort of off topic from the OP though, I hate to admit to being a "thread jacker." *S*