You are correct BUZZ but for some collectors that by means a great deal?
From what I understand after USRAC took over, very little changed in the Custom Shop other than a new brochure.
There was a collector that collected only Custom Shop guns he ordered and never put them together. He had an extensive website with all the guns listed.
He tried to sell the entire collection together and I guess that did not work out.
The number of guns should have depressed the market for years to come.
The best advice I got was from Steve Barnett, if not a Custom Built, dont worry about a letter.
I purchased a Custom Built that was sold to me as a 32VR, shadow line cheek piece Trap but had a Hession forearm. It was Pigeon gun and there was no Cody letter with that serial number. I bought it and eventually showed it to Tony who said he would purchase it if I ever wanted to sell as it was definitely a factory gun. Tony eventually got it on a trade.
Experience is everything in purchasing M21s.

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