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I have had a number of dealings with Tony and own a CSMC Grand American ‘Baby Frame M21 in 28 ga and a Fox DE Special 16 ga made for me as well as other CSMC models made for me. A number of individuals who fancy themselves experts and collectors, put their noses in the air when they are mentioned.

I'm no collector like you...but eYe can see past my nOse.

Would it be fair to say that buying one of the above is like buying a new car ?....Once around the block and you've lost thousands.

Pretty much like any bespoke item. Show me a high dollar custom anything that holds its value, not much does.

You commission a custom gun for your own personal enjoyment. If you are looking for a sound investment then contact your stock broker.

Pretty much all hobbies cost you something to be in the game, owning fine guns is no different, with very few exceptions.


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