I know on this forum there are a few that collect or know about L.C. Smiths. I am trying to find out at what serial number did the hammerless Syracuse L.C. Smith's stop using the extra sear spring. I have the first Syracuse L.C. Smith hammerless gun made in August 1886, serial number 16000 Quality 2, 10 gauge 32" barrels made on the medium frame.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

In my records the next serial number I have is 16023 Quality 4 10 gauge but no other information, same with s/n 16036
Many of these serial numbers were from auction sites and they do not usually take the locks off. If they knew what to look for they would see another screw post on the outside of the lock, but many can't tell the difference.

I would appreciate any information, thanks.