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Hammerless Syracuse L.C. Smith 10 gauge #20112, Quality 2

Fun gun

This MIGHT seem familiar to you smile


The serial number shown on that Quality 2, I have that serial number in my records, and in the notes it has hammer gun barrels fitted to it, serial number 10827 which is a very early hammer gun, It also has the original set of barrels. The serial numbers for those hammer side lock guns started at 10000 in 1884.

Mike that looks familiar wonder who wrote it! I have a lot more information since then. Right now between Baker, Smith-Baker and L.C Smith (1886-1889) I have 619 serial numbers.

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yes, I know that David. The usual frame size for L.C. Smith guns, no matter where they were made, was the R size frame. I somehow inferred that they had a multitude of frame sizes, as did Parker Bros. RWTF

Francis, the Syracuse line of hammer and hammerless guns were offered in three different weight frames, medium, heavy and extra heavy. In the heavy weight the distance between the extension rib and the breech rim has enough room that it could possibly be bored out to 8 gauge. The medium frame, there was only about 1/16" gap.
Also the Hunter Arms Co, used the R for Regular frame and the FW for Featherweight frame starting in 1907, but not all FW guns were lighter than the R framed guns.