Hello all.
As I am getting my podcast back up and running I wanted to see if I could get your opinions on upcoming episode ideas and put it to the group for other ideas that I could explore. Currently, I am working on new episodes on:

  • Engraving 101 to planning your own custom project
  • pairs (trios) of shotguns, history and reuniting orphaned pairs
  • Browning 'salt' guns
  • vintage fluid steel barrels, sleeving, etc
  • new double barreled shotgun buyers guide up to $1,200 / shotgun buyers guide $1,500 - $3,000

I have a few other ideas in my head. I hate to lean on this forum but there is absolutely no better collective wealth of knowledge/genuine shotgun interest available to me - are there ideas, guests, topics that you think would make for a good 30 minute discussion? As I always try to mention - I am a hobbyist who does this in my spare time with my own resources because I love talking about, learning about, collecting and using doubles.

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