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Considering the location of the bolt, it is not all that easy to mount a scope very low, anyway.
With the 1952 & later models (swept back bolt handle) you can mount a scope approximately 1.6" above the bore centerline (centerline of bore to centerline of scope) w/o modifications to the bolt handle as long as the ocular end of the scope isn't larger than 1.45" & you can gain a bit more clearance by thinning the bolt handle.

Earlier models w/ the straight bolt handle will likely require higher scope mounting or thinning the bolt handle & most prewar models will only have the wing safety so will need a very high mounted scope for clearance of the safety.

I don't consider 1.6" a high mounted scope as most ballistic programs use 1.5" as the default for line of sight & a lot of large objective scopes require 1.6" or higher mounting for barrel clearance but that said, I always try to mount my scopes as low as possible.

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