This gun is for sale for a lot of money. A VC "Pigeon gun", 30" barrels, 7 lbs 8 oz..etc.

-- 65mm chambers reproofed to 70mm. Trempe = quenched.
-- We decided that one way to identify the VC "Helice" (that particular name never patented) top lever is that it had no top slot...because VC reversed the whole thing...obviating the need for adjustments: This top lever has a slot? Why? It's mid-late 1930's - did something change?
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We've seen this gun before - This is Sandlapper's VC Heliduplex and it has some beautiful engraving. Sandlapper has a nice gun: But I would still like to know what that top lever is all about.

Ad from a few years ago:

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