On a 2-day round trip to Iowa and back, I scored 16 boxes of Herter's 20ga target loads (7/8 oz 7 1/2) at 2 different Cabela's. Stopped at the Owatonna MN store on the way down. Sign said limit of 8 boxes per customer, but the Herters were by the flat, so I got 10 boxes. Hit the Prairie du Chien store on the way home. They had 6 more boxes of the same 20ga loads. Basically $7.50/box, which is OK given today's prices. Better yet, I had almost enough points on my Cabela's credit card that I didn't have to cough up any additional $ for them.

Also hit Monsoor's in La Crosse on the way home. They're on a slow but steady closing out sale, only open Mon-Weds. I didn't see any 16ga wads, so I asked. They came up with a full box of them. I just took 2 bags. Already had some, and I'd picked up almost 3 bags of the Down Range DR-16 wads (which I prefer to reload in the old Herters 1 oz 16's Cabela's used to sell). Productive trip for both ammo and components.