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On a 2-day round trip to Iowa and back, I scored 16 boxes of Herter's 20ga target loads (7/8 oz 7 1/2) at 2 different Cabela's. Stopped at the Owatonna MN store on the way down. Sign said limit of 8 boxes per customer, but the Herters were by the flat, so I got 10 boxes. Hit the Prairie du Chien store on the way home. They had 6 more boxes of the same 20ga loads. Basically $7.50/box, which is OK given today's prices. Better yet, I had almost enough points on my Cabela's credit card that I didn't have to cough up any additional $ for them.

Also hit Monsoor's in La Crosse on the way home. They're on a slow but steady closing out sale, only open Mon-Weds. I didn't see any 16ga wads, so I asked. They came up with a full box of them. I just took 2 bags. Already had some, and I'd picked up almost 3 bags of the Down Range DR-16 wads (which I prefer to reload in the old Herters 1 oz 16's Cabela's used to sell). Productive trip for both ammo and components.

I have known Roger for a long time. Trap shooters are a fickle bunch. Talk about sniffing paper hulls but before Roger cut down on hours he ordered a lot of Federal Papers due to what the trap shooters said. Could not give the damn things away at his cost which was close to $100 a flat.

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Used to shoot against Wi. in the Blizzard league before the cold hurt my bones. Roger was one of first to bring the Blazer into the US back then. After we shot for our respective States I squadded with Roger and several other AA shooters. Hardly have time to reload before it is your time to shoot, Trap is such a brain dead sport.

Realized we were going to hit 500 when my brain woke up. Roger was to my right and I missed. Because I thought and wasn't brain dead.

He missed and so did the next 3 to fill out. He turned to me and said you son of a beach LOL.

Army used to allow a 600 SAT score as ROTC entrance requirements. Navy not so much.

First met you at a Flatwater shoot. Many for some reason mistook me for you and I smoke cigars, you a pipe. Was kind of honored and also pissed that most mixed us up...

Real world chit - out of Pope AF base I can fill you in from the "compound" activities at Delta Force. If you have clearance. Well been long enough now in theory I could anyhow.

Your first SxS was in Rota Spain. You were lucky to be there considering you were a green weenie. And sometimes your justifications are so far out in Left field it makes me shake my head. But I think your heart is in the right place. Even if your logic is not. You are on the right track most times but your emotions get in the way of logic often, well used to. Not so much lately.

Back in the day if you were good with English and grammar you were considered light in the loafers. Just saying. There are some that actually contribute to the scientific principle.

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Want to talk about getting Wet? No can't do it. But even though I retired 25 years ago think about it almost every night as I try to go to sleep. Not so much the scientific principle but what came out of Pope AF base at the compound. Among other places.

Not to knock on you Larry actually we agree on many things, likely most things. I was active the whole time, and it does make a difference.

Then again you smoke pipe as you pull out of shoots, you don't hang around long, and don't smoke a Cigar. :-)