My son is 8, I thought this summer we would build a flintlock together.
I had purchased a partially completed kit off of gunboards quite some time ago.
Geez, they are really pricey now.

Anyway, I decided to try J.V. Howe's formula #1, you take rawseed oil and turpentine, in a 2 to 1 ratio,
heat it to boiling and swab it on the stock, wait an hour and wipe off the excess if any, wait 24 hours and repeat,
once there is consistent excess, you wipe it off and then rub down the stock with your hand.

Here is what the stock looked like after 5 coats.

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After 20 coats the oil was pretty much gone, its dark and thick at room temperature but at boiling it is very thin.
Here is what the stock looks like now

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I will go over it with 0000 steel wool in a day or two.