I have just picked up a 10 guage sidelock shotgun that is marked W. Richards on the lockplates. The shotgun has engraving, not fancy but most metal parts have some. The barrels are 32 inches long and are marked on the rib- "London Laminated Steel". However, looking at the W. Richards website my gun in not marked as a W. Richards should be.

Underneath the barrels are marked 1916 ( as is the watertable and forearm) a number 11 on both barrels and what appears to be a set of crossed tomahawks(?) there are three separate sets of these marks. Both barrels underneath are marked damascus. Both barrels also have F*W*W which is even with wherethe forearm locks into the barrel. Barrel has very minor pitting.

I know this question gets asked all the time but what do I have?