The name "Richards has occured in the annals of British gunmaking since 1700.Over the years this has resulted in guns of inferior quality being sold bearig the spurious name "Richards.
During the period your gun was made the use of spurious names became so serious that the industry working through the british magazine "Shooting"conducted a survey to identify the markings of genuine guns.Here are the statements made by the "Richards"family in 1887.
W. Richards, Liverpool.
"All my guns have W. Richards Old-Hall Street on the barrels,W.Richards,on locks,Guards are numbered."
W.Richards, Preston [Lancashire.]
"All my guns have W. Richards,44 Fishergate, Preston,on the top rib.W. Richards onthe lock plates,all guards are numbered."
Westley Richards,London [and Birmingham.]
"Westley Richards and appropiate address on rib [OrWestley Richards & Co; on lower grade guns].
All gus have Westley Richards on lock plates and bear the Westley Richards,"triangle" trade mark."

Most W. Richards gus I have seen, in particular when marked London Fine Twist are of dubious origin and of inferior quality!The probable source being:
H&D Folsom
312-314,Broadway, New York N.Y.
I have seen many examples sold by this company some with Belgium and some with Birmingham proof bearing the name W.Richards ,without exception they are of very inferior quality.
If your gun is by any of the makers other than Folsom you will have quality find.

Roy Hebbes