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Custom "Leg-O-Mutton" Cases
by Robert Cochrane

CUSTOM FITTED (requiring measurements only) to the owners doublegun insuring a snug fit and maximum protection in an all leather design. Extensively detailed, original design, case-in-a-case style providing a fragment and material free interior. Each case incorporates the finest leather, solid brass hardware, and is individually hand cut, fitted and sewn to your exact dimensional requirements. Numerous options; twin pairs. British tanned English bridle and/or, natural bridle.

From $1,350* US
For more information on Custom Leg-O-Mutton cases by Robert Cochrane drop us a note at:

Robert Cochrane, Casemaker
PO Box 238
42 Speargrass Blvd
Carseland, Alberta T0J0M0 Canada
P: 403-934-4545

weber_darne_case2s.jpg (4842 bytes) weber_darne_case1s.jpg (3930 bytes) weber_darne_case3s.jpg (4735 bytes)
Leg-O-Mutton case custom made by Mr. Cochrane for my
Darne R-15. -  Notice the Darne case is a slightly different shape than a traditional case for a hinge break SxS gun.
(click on pictures for bigger view)

Ever wonder what I carry my Darne Guns around in? Have a look at the beautiful case Mr. Cochrane made up for my Darne R-15. The case fits like a protects my gun while going to and from a shoot. Aside from the obvious function it is truly a classic in appearance, performance, and longevity. The quality of the leather is outstanding, the hardware is flawlessly attached, and every stitch is hand sewn...My kids will be carrying the same gun in the same case decades from now. - Dave Weber -

*The case I had fabricated by Robert ran $1200 US he also makes a slightly less extravagant model that features either a 1 1/4 inch single layer carrying strap or carrying handle.

If you were interested in a more traditional case Robert can fabricate a more gentle form. As shown below:

And if that doesn't do it for you check out this one!

Have a look at some other examples of Roberts work at his new website...

Custom Hand Sewn Leather Optic Cases:

cochrane_binoc.jpg (26349 bytes)
Sample of a typical binocular case starting at $550 US

As optics vary in size and style, from palm length monocular to telescopes for looking at the stars, I can't provide photo's for every option...but I can build custom cases for any dimensions or designs that you can provide. I can size most optics through local retailers or direct your to provide appropriate measurements.  Basic dimensions required: Height, diameter measured at the widest point which in some instances means the side prongs for the strap; all measured with a simple seamstress tape measure. A tracing would also be helpful. I would gladly provide firm price and delivery information upon request.

New designs:

As of 2015 we have a new case design for a Double Gun with a connected barrel and butt , and, now also offering bridle leather cartridge bags. Have a look-n-see below:

Bridle Leather Cartridge bags starting at $950 US

New barrel mounted leather case for a doublegun starting at $1,200 US

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