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Andy Duffy's Approach to Winning BIG in Sporting Clays

The Video - Andy Duffy's Approach to Winning BIG in Sporting Clays - Andy is probably the hottest shooter in Sporting Clays today. He is the only shooter to win back to back HOA honors during the NSCA National championships. He also captured the 1995 PanAm FITASC Championship and the National FITASC Championship. Linda Joy, one of the top lady shooters in the country helps Andy throughout the video. We can all learn from her classic form.

Andy's New video uses Sunrise Productions unique EYE-CAM. This technology allows you to see the trap, hold point, gun mount, lead, and target break. Andy shows how to shoot each station with the method that has made him so successful. He then explains and shows other methods that would work for each presentation, and explains the common problems and errors that most shooters make.

With the EYE-CAM and super slow-motion you will understand how you too can break targets using Andy's method. Also, Andy gives you tips on how to develop your mental game for competition and practice. This new video is packed full of information that only a champion can give. This is a must have video for all serious shooters. Available NTSC format only.

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