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(Pronounced "FAWN-zoy")

Specializing in the creation of extraordinary hunting guns in the Austrian tradition.
Featuring double rifles, double shotguns, drillings, stalking rifles and
the new Tri-bore gamegun (triple barreled shotgun).
Our only job is our clients the finest guns on earth!

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Johann Fanzoj
Master Gunmakers since 1558
Ferlach, Austria

Johann Fanzoj and family have been making "Bespoke" guns for almost 300 years. The live and work in Ferlach, Austria.

The Johann Fanzoj heritage of fine gun making is rooted deeply in Austrian hunting tradition where the hunter selects a personal gun...a gun that combines aesthetic beauty with precision, strength and performance. The gun is made to honor both the hunter and the game which he pursues.

A Johann Fanzoj gun is made from the best steels and finest exhibition grade woods available.   Each raw material is hand selected and carefully fabricated by hand into the parts that comprise a Johann Fanzoj gun.

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We build a soul into each Johann Fanzoj gun...Our hearts guide our hands while our eyes inspect every millimeter of our work to insure our efforts bring forth a true firearms masterpiece. Your masterpiece a personal gun that is as much a part of you as you wish it to be.

Johann Fanzoj...remember how to say our family name..."FAWN-zoy". You may have difficulty at first but you will remember as you discover the finest guns on earth. We have created many unique firearms for a long list of distinguished clients. From Austrian royalty of yesterday to wealthy industrialists and ambassadors of present day. 

Read more on Fanzoj guns article available on-line.

Johann Fanzoj guns are custom made to the individual wishes of the client. The base price of a traditional boxlock SxS double rifle is $20,000 US. We can fabricate multiple barrel guns and rifles with one to five barrels. One of our most challenging creations was a 4 barreled heavy express rifle for African Game final price $150,000 US.

New: Tri-bore Gamegun   (triple barrel shotgun)

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Our latest effort a Tri-bore (triple barrel shotgun) will be introduced at this years Vintage Cup in New York form September 21st to 24th 2000. This gun is simply is available as a 20 bore with a 76mm chambers or a 28 bore with a 70mm chambers. (12 & 16 gauges as well as .410 bore are also available for the same cost.) Imagine a gun with the handling qualities of the finest gamegun with one remarkable difference....a third shot immediately available. Come see our latest creation ...It requires great skill and experience to build good combination guns, which has always been a specialty of Johann Fanzoj. This  "Tri-bore" game gun (three barreled shotgun) stands out for its unique design, the bottom barrel is bedded deeply into the action. At first glance the gun will look like a classic double shotgun with an extra low forend and a classic English straight hand stock, great accuracy. With this exclusive shotgun we take the material to its limit. It will weigh only 6 (+/-5%) pounds! And ....., it gives you the ultimate advantage in bird hunting (when everybody else has to pass after two shots!)

Chambering: 28/28/28 (from 12, 16, 20 - 28, .410 Ga.)

Action: Blitz Action with 3 hammers, self-cocking, made as small and lightweight as possible regarding material tolerances

Stock: Stock made exquisite Circassian walnut wood, grade AAAA, in classic English style

Barrel: made of Böhler-Super Blitz for weight reduction, length: 26,5 inches, chokes 1/4, 3/4, full choke (bottom barrel), silver bead front sight,

Triggers: Double trigger with first trigger firing the two upper barrels and second trigger firing the bottom barrel

Weight: Only 6 pounds (+/-5%)!

Base prices of our "Tri-bore" game gun as follows:
(Base price does not include engraving - All prices quoted in US dollars and do not include FET)

  • Boxlock, no sideplates US$ 27,500.00
  • Boxlock, with sideplates US$ 32,000.00
  • Side-lock US$ 50,000.00

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Johann Fanzoj is a small dedicated family shop...all employees are involved directly is a specific facet of firearms manufacture. Our only job is our clients the finest guns on earth!

Serious inquires only please...

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Johann Fanzoj
Master Gunmakers since 1558
Ferlach, Austria

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