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Your Arrieta can be chosen directly from our inventory, or we can have one custom built for you. That special gun can be delivered in six to nine months - a short time for a true custom built gun. Since Arrieta is a small family operated firm, they will try to honor any special requests that you may have in the building of your unique firearm.

Buying a quality sidelock shotgun is not something that most people do on a daily basis. You may request professional assistance in your selection of the model or specifications that would be best for your special shooting requirements. After 17 years of specializing in the marketing of fine shotguns, we can assist in the selection of just the right Arrieta for you.

Since no catalog can detail all of the information about the products or services provided, we invite your questions about the fine line of Arrieta shotguns or about our company.

Quality Arms

2000 Dairy Ashford Road #490 - Houston, TX 77077

Phone: (281)870-8377 - Fax: (281)870-8524

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