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Fine Shotguns - The Artisans

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Arrieta makes exclusively best quality side-by-side sidelock guns. All are handmade by arguably the world's most skilled team of gunmakers employed by one company.

In order to produce the highest quality, Arrieta believes that you must have only the finest artisan makers. Many have been with the company all their working lives, some following in the footsteps of their fathers.

Without exception they believe totally in the Arrieta name and the guns they produce. A rare tribute to this day and age.

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In looks and handling the guns have the- stylish characteristics of the well known English names - indeed the Arrieta factory is very similar to many of the smaller English gunmakers when they too were at their prime.

Basic machinery such as a small bench drill, center lathe and - pedestal grinder are all that are used. No shortcuts are taken other than the barrels and rough action forging's are bought in from an outside source (a common practice among makers at the highest level).

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The workshop is a long room where the 20 full time workers can take full advantage of the natural daylight which comes through the window that stretches its entire length on one side. The benches - adjoin the wall that houses the window.

Because Arrieta specialize in quality guns all of the men take great pride in their work. Many visitors comment on how refreshing it is to see men so engrossed in what they are doing.

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Having such an enviable reputation also has other advantages. The company are in the fortunate position of being able to buy all of their walnut from exclusive sources in Spain itself - a selection of the finest wood from the Pyrenees, Galicia and Andalucia.

The steel too is the very best from Bellota.

Apart from the materials, a quality gun stands apart from others because of the time and devotion given to the actual finish of the gun- The trigger pulls must be crisp and the ejectors timed to work to perfection. The fit of wood to metal has to be flawless - anything less is unsatisfactory The lockwork must be precision itself.

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The oil finish is entirely by hand. No other method approaches the kind of finish that can be achieved by a -skilled man. An finally, the work of Arrieta's own engravers has earned them numerous accolades worldwide. There is ample evidence of their expertise on the following pages - an engraver's art is a rare gift indeed.

It might be appropriate to quote well known English gun writer Desmond Mills, himself a former gunsmith with Purdey and Churchill Following a recent visit, he wrote: "The quality of work being carried out compares with any "best" sidelock currently being produced.

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'"Moreover the internal work is presented to the same high standard as that which is clearly visible to the eye". "Beautifully shaped breech ends, fine chiselled beads running from the shield to the flats, nicely filed and shaped top lever (which sits close to the top strap) and first class jointing of the barrels to the action. All necessary ingredients that go into a best gun".

There is little more that can be added other than models are available in .410, 28, 20, 16 and 12 gauges. There are over 20 varieties from which to choose, from the clean lines of the plain silver action, to a top quality live pigeon gun, or the last word in stylish easy-openers - and every gun is made to last a lifetime.

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