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Pete Hiatt - Gunstocks, and stock blanks of highly figured specialty woods -   treasures from nature taking decades to create... yours to hold and enjoy today.

For centuries man has endeavored to add both functionality and beauty to fine firearms. Wood is strong, stable...and in certain cases stunning!
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Claro Walnut

Our stock blanks and finished stocks offer a truly stunning and unique housing to support the mechanical components of your fine firearm. In addition they offer a warm and ergonomic human interface that can be tailored to the unique dimensional requirements of each shooter.
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English Walnut

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Bastogne Walnut


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Claro Walnut

With burl $350

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Claro and English
with French color

Graft Hybrid $350

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English Walnut


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English Walnut

Exhibition $1500

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English Walnut

Exhibition $1500

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English Walnut

Exhibition $1500

Today as in years gone by wood is the only choice for a truly fine firearm. It is with great pleasure that I present some of the finest blanks currently available for your consideration...

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Pete Hiatt - Gunstocks
P. O. Box 58 - Sisters, OR 97759 USA
Phone: 541-382-5320     -     Fax:  360-750-9025

Please check back often as I will provide new stock blank photo's on a regular basis. Currently the above is just a sampling of my available inventory. I have a rather large selection of Claro, English,  French, Myrtlewood and Maple (fiddle, burl, feather and black striped). In addition... I also have Bastogne Walnut, grafts and sometimes exotics. I supply forend wood with every blank.  I typically have a video preview available of all our available blanks. Three day return privilege on all blanks.

I also have a couple of articles on site that may be of help to you while contemplating a stock blank purchase. Have a look at:

A Walnut Sampler

How to choose a gunstock blank

Gunstock Finishing

The Proper Drying of GunStock Blanks

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