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A selection of vintage firearms is offered for your consideration....

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London Clabrough - 12 Ga Hammer gun. DT extractors. Very nice shape.

Searcy 470 Nitro Express Double - with an extra set of 12 Ga barrels. PH model. Exhibition Grade Winchester feather English walnut. Leather/wood display case. DT, Ejectors. Unfired.

Custom finished Ruger #1 English walnut stock (STOCK ONLY no action)
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Browning Superposed - 20ga. 1960 Solid Rib 28" IC/M Single trigger, round knob, long tang, fancy English walnut with superb checkering, original butt.

Prussian Daly/Sauer Diamond Grade SIDELOCK Drilling. 12 ga x 12 ga x 30-30. Tang sight, tang safety, fine engraving, superb wood. 28" bls, 14 " LOP, double Purdey under-bite with Greener crossbolt 3rd fastener, sideclips, very fine checkering,. A real GEM! 7# 2 oz Fine handling, tight.
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Watson Brothers 12 Ga DT 30" ejectors, 6 pounds 12 oz, Good bores, Beautiful Damascus, New exhibition grade English walnut, 14 7/8" LOP, Full coverage fine scroll engraving.

Browning 20 Ga Superposed custom engraved by Dwayne Wright

Parker DHE 12 Ga, fluid steel barrels, double triggers, straight grip, fine bores, Skeletal butt, exceptional walnut stock. Perfect bores. Tight. 15" LOP, 30" bls. 

W.W. Greener 12 Ga. Double, Box-lock ejector, Grade FH-25, perhaps unique and unusually handy barrel selector, single trigger, semi-p grip of exceptional design, fine checkering, English Walnut, LOP 14, perfect bores, 1 1/4Oz proofs, very nice shape.
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LC Smith Field Grade Featherweight - 12 Ga, DT, Ext, 28, mirror bores, Near Mint! 100% case colors or as near as you can get to it. 14 x 2 5/8 Black Walnut 418XX Close to unfired!
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LC Smith pre 1913 Grade 3 -  Superb condition. 12 Ga Ext DT, 32 13 5/8 Fine , dark English walnut, Magnificent chain Damascus, superb checkering, Incredible dog buttplate. Mirror bores. Close to unfired.
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Custom FN commercial Mauser rifle., High standard .270 Winch chrome flashed barrel. Winch Mod 70 3-position safety. Fluted barrel. Gorgeous light weight rifle. Fabulous Exhibition Grade English Walnut with mottle and feather. Ebony caps. Custom trigger.
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MkV Weatherby trigger guard and floorplate just the components! engraved by Bob Swartley. Bob says current engraving cost would be at least 
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Spencer sidelock 12 Ga with twist steel. Forearm lug needs to be re-soldered.

Marlin-Ballard .22LR bull barreled, Double Set Triggers, 16x Lyman scope, Winchester feather exhibition grade walnut with superb checkering, steel checkered butt. 50 yard one hole groups with RWS 50 ammo.

WC Scott 10 gauge hammer gun with two sets of barrels. Original barrels are Damascus. Extra set of barrels were made to match by then great H. Lindner. Fine engraving. Tight. Fine Circassian walnut. 32 " barrels, stocked to fences, 14" LOP, 9# plus
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Winchester Mod 52 target rifle .22LR (record setter). Lyman 16x scope. Boxed with extras.
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Engraved ducks by Ward Foundation World Champion the late Mac McGlothlin (photos on the way). Pintail duck $2000. Wood duck $2500. Loon $3000. Full sized Red Tailed Hawk with wings and feathers out jumping on a pheasant in flight. Over 2000 feathers individually carved and inserted. Originally sold for $32,000.

Model A Ford P/U truck complete with skis and half track (original Snow-Flyer option with third axle). Reconditioned in 1980. Featured in Arrowsmith catalog 
$17,500 (Trades for guns considered.)


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