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BlueBook of Gun Values 33rd Edition

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Abbreviations as used in the "Blue Book of Gun Values"

Abbreviation Meaning ------- Abbreviation Meaning
* Banned due to 1994 Crime Bill (USA)   OB Octagon Barrel
ACP Automatic Colt Pistol   OBFM Octagon Barrel Full Magazine
ADJ Adjustable   OBO Or Best Offer
AE Automatic Ejectors   OCT Octagon
BR Bench Rest   ODB Or Don't Bother
BPE Black Power Express   PG Pistol Grip
B Blue   PPD Post Paid
BAC Browning Arms Company   PRE-BAN Mfg. before 9/13/94 per C/B (USA)
BBL Barrel   POST-BAN Mfg. after 9/13/94 per C/B (USA)
BP Butt Plate   PRE-'89 Paramilitary mfg. before Federal Legislation in 1989 (USA)
BT Beavertail   POST-'89 Paramilitary mfg. after Federal Legislation in 1989 (USA)
CAL Caliber   P.O.R. Price on Request
CB Crescent Buttplate   QD Quick Detachable
C/B1994 Introduced because of the 1994 Crime Bill (USA)   RB Round Barrel/Round Butt
CCA Colt Collectors Association   REC Receiver
CC Case Colors   REM Remington
CF Centerfire   RF Rimfire
CH Cross Hair   RFM Rim Fire Magnum
COMP Compensated/Competition   RK Round Knob
CYL Cylinder   RKLT Round Knob Long Tang
DSL Detachable Side Locks   RR Red Ramp
DISC Discontinued   SA Single Action
DA Double Action   SAA Single Action Army
DB Double Barrel   SAE Selective Automatic Ejectors
DST Double Set Triggers   SB Shotgun Butt
DTs Double Triggers   SG Straight Grip
DW/M DeutscheWaffen and Munitions Fabrik   SK Skeet
EXC Excellent   SMG Sub Machine Gun
EXT Extractors   SMLE Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle
FBT Full Beavertail Forearm   S/N Serial Number
FA Forearm   SNT Single Non-Selective Trigger
F&M Full & Modified   SPEC Special
FE Fore End   SPG Semi-Pistol Grip
FFL Federal Firearms License   SPL Special
FK Flat Knob   SR Solid Rib
FKLT Flat Knob Long Tang   SRC Saddle Ring Carbine
FM Full Mag   SS Single Shot or Stainless Steel
FN Fabrique Nationale   SST Single Selective Trigger
FPS Feet Per Second   ST Single Trigger
HB Heavy Barrel   S&W Smith & Wesson
HC Hard Case   SxS Side by Side
H&H Holland & Holland   TD Take Down
HP Hollow Point   TGT Target
IC Improved Cylinder   TH Target Hammer
LC Long Colt   TT Target Trigger
LPI Lines Per Inch   UMC Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
LT Long Tang or Light   VG Very Good
LTRK Long Tang Round Knob   VR Ventilated Rib
MAG Magnum Caliber   WC Wad Cutter
mag. Magazine or Clip   WD Wood
MIL SPEC Mfg. to Military Specifications   WBY Weatherby
MC Monte Carlo   WIN Winchester
MFG. Manufactured/manufacture   WCF Winchester Center Fire
MK Mark   WFF Watch For Fakes
M&P Military & Police   WO White Outline
MR Matted Rib   W/O Without
MSR Manufacturer's Suggested Retail   WRA Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
NM National Match   WRF Winchester Rim Fire
N Nickel   WRM Winchester Rimfire Magnum
NIB New in Box   WYTL Would you take less
O&U Over and Under   WW World War
OA Overall      

The Blue Book of Gun Values 33rd ed.

Blue Book - Typical Listing

Blue Book - Firearm Abbreviations

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Blue Book - Glossary

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BlueBook of Gun Values 33rd Edition

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