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BlueBook of Gun Values 33rd Edition

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Firearm Photo Percentage Grading as used in the:

"Blue Book of Gun Values"

60k jpg

Photo 69 - L.C. Smith Field Grade (hammerless). A mint specimen of an L.C. Smith Field Grade - unusual, since most Field guns saw heavy use while higher grades mostly saw the gun cabinet. Notice the way the case colors on frame top are mottled, wood to metal fit, and the checkering without points (common in most domestically manufactured field grade models).

51k jpg

Photo 70 - L.C. Smith Ideal Grade with approx. 30% original case colors remaining - This gun has been pictured from the bottom to emphasize the shininess that accumulates on the front and bottom of frame during much use. Note markings on receiver bottom, nail alterations to forearm, and visible stock cracking (adding up to a 40% decrease in value).

52k jpg

Photo 71 - Parker Brothers 20 gauge VH Grade on "O" frame in 99% non-original condition. Parker collectors will immediately key on the non-original case colors. Observe the difference between the redone case colors and the original L.C. Smith colors in Photo 69. If this was real - $3,250. The way it is - subtract approximately 50%.

63k jpg

Photo 72 - Older German 16 gauge back-action with hammers in 70% overall condition. Observe case colors centered around pins on sidelock. While most of these guns (including this one) are extremely well made with the finest of materials, domestic collector interest to date has been minimal. Typically priced at $450 - $750, depending on condition and the quality/level of embellishments.

The Blue Book of Gun Values 33rd ed.

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BlueBook of Gun Values 33rd Edition

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